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iHate the iPhone, a Mac users perspective on the holy grail of mobile phones.

In this world of $20 Tumblr themes and 140-character limits only one thing really matters; No, not family (where would you get that idea from? Your stuped), but phones. When the iPhone came out it was cool, i mean nothing to go jizzing your paints about, but cool none the less. But over the years Apple has seemed to loose there “Apple Juice”. There “major” updates have been the ability to change the fucking wall paper, oh and an HD camera [insert sarcastic slow clap]. Now don’t get me wrong, I use a mac; in fact I love my mac, and when I bought my iPhone I loved that too, but things have changed, and my iPhone has gotten boring and stale. Every time I hit that little silver button on the top of my phone I get greeted with the same, boring welcome screen I have been greeted with for years. Than I slide the little slide thingy and it whisks into the same five rows of icons that i know and “Love”. Its all very “Usual”, it completely ruins the phone experience. Now, if you were to ask me, “Andrew, what do you do most on your phone”, knowing me I would respond with something along the lines with “SOOOOO MUCH PORN”, and thats kinda true-(except for the whole porn part). The main thing i use my iPhone for is the internet, I use it as an acces point to get on Facebook, and blog websites (well, no shit, i mean what else are you going to use the web for (besides porn, and videos of your cat)); thats it. I know there is so much more i COULD do with it, but at the end of the day thats all i do, do (hahaha dodo) with it. iOS (Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch’s (not iTouch, thats not a thing) operating system), you have become stale, and boring, and theres not much you can do about it (except a full overhall, but thats about as likely as-something thats unlikely (im lazy, you think of the clever analogy)). The meer fact that any iOS device does not have flash has bared me from getting an iPad for years, and i have just given up on it. If apple does not make iOS 5 ZOMG-ey I will probably switch to Android. I am fully aware that at the end of the day my phone choice is, well mine, I just thought I would share my raint with you today. 

— Andrew Wasserman